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Save Your Driving Licence

One of the biggest issues in the press consistently in the UK particularly over recent years has been around the increase in speed cameras everywhere and the speeding ticket which seems to have become a phenomenon suffered by most drivers in modern Britain.

This ebook is invaluable for you so that you know what the process that should be followed is, and what you have to be told when issued with a speeding ticket.

It tells you in details:

  • What the officer must tell you
  • What to do if you are caught speeding
  • What to say at the scene
  • What to do if caught on camera / radar gun
  • ...and much more besides

Over 80 pages of comprehensive info on speeding, the law and your rights

The information in this manual is worth its weight in gold so you know exactly what is expected of you and what you can do if you are issued with a speeding ticket or fine.

If you want to know how radar and laser operated equipment works and what can go wrong with them and must be checked for their evidence to carry weight, then you need this ebook.

And the good news? It will cost you a lot less than a ticket; get it now for just:

Click the button below to own this great guide for the incredible price of just $3 (US Dollars).

Sorry - product not currently available whilst new e-books are brought online!

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