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How to pass exams with Straight A's

We live in a world where the grades you get are increasingly important. Getting the grades to go to university or not can have a massive impact on your eventual earnings. This means that there is more and more pressure on students to do well, and pass exams and improve memory technique.

Knowing what and how to revise is also difficult - more and more advice with less and less meaning is given to students. That's why we teamed up with a student who went to a top university and got the highest possible grades in all their exams to write this guide.

It's split into the following seven chapters, each of them detailed giving excellent, and sometimes surprising, advice:

  1. The basics - what you have to know but are never told
  2. Revision timetable
  3. Revision Technique
  4. Memory Techniques
  5. Day before exam
  6. The exam itself
  7. Getting inside the mind of the Examiner

We are confident that any student for any sort of exams will greatly benefit from the advice offered in this guide by someone who has actually used the techniques and tips listed to get great exam results.

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"Thanks so much - I used the techniques in your book in my exams and revision, and they really helped me..."- Sarah, Birmingham
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