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E-books are the ideal opportunity for anyone with some interest in writing or journalism to enjoy their hobby and potentially make some money.

For centuries, individuals have written books or guides but have been too scared to publish them, or have been met with rejection after rejection. Dejected, their material never sees the light of day. Now that's changing. If you have written something, then publish it as an e-book. You may even make some money from it! If you would like us to publicise your material here, please Contact Us

Or, perhaps you are thinking of writing an e-book, but don't know where to start? Then here are our top tops:

(1) The key is to write about something you have experience of. Perhaps you have been a teacher for twenty years and have found a way of teaching something to kids that really makes it sink in? Then write about it. Or maybe you are a tennis coach - then maybe you could write a fun guide to improving your tennis skills

(2) Write about something you are good at. Everyone has some special talents; all you have to be is better than average at something - not great, but better than average. If that's the case, and you write about it, then people will want to read it.

(3) What do you enjoy? In order to write a good e-book, your enthusiasm for the subject has to come across.

If you follow the three tips above - write about what you're good at, what you have experience of, and if you come across enthusiastically, then there is no reason whatsoever that anyone cannot write a good and successful e-book. To think otherwise is just to make excuses!

So come up, start writing that e-book today. Everyone has at least one e-book in them. We hope to soon be publishing your e-book on this site and telling you just how much money it has made! Good luck.

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